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The Blue Ridge Parkway

Beautiful Kerr Scott Lake

The most-visited national park in the United states, the Blue Ridge Parkway, hugs the crest of the mountains.  Linn Cove Viaduct at mile post 304 is an engineering marvel bridge which winds across Grandfather Mountain, seemingly hanging in space while clinging to the mountains' face

Visit Tweetsie Railroad.  A three-mile adventure train ride, petting zoo, rides on 321 between Boone and Blowing Rock, May- October.

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Drive to the top, walk across the mile-high footbridge, visit the nature museum, natural habitats for bears, panthers, deer, and eagles. On US 221 one mile from Parkway in Linville.

Only five minutes from Majestic Mountain, this man-made lake with tremendous natural beauty is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Majestic Mountain lies near the western end of the lake. Boating, swimming, camping, picnicking, hunting, and fishing.

Tweetsie Railroad

Grandfather Mountain